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Why choose Harris Hill Independent Schools?

Whether you're recruiting or job-seeking, you might not have considered engaging a specialist independent schools recruiter before. Like many people, you might not have been aware such an agency existed, particularly one dedicated to exactly what you do, with a full appreciation of the unique environment you work in. But like many people too, we hope you'll soon discover the benefits of working with us for yourself.

Here are just a few of the key advantages for candidates:
Broader reach, more opportunities

Completing just one application for a school can be a time-consuming process, and if you don't succeed, it's one you'll have to repeat from the beginning until you do. As a Harris Hill candidate, just one application can allow us - with your permission of course - to put you forward for many more opportunities with an outstanding array of schools.

► Expert advice and assistance

From your initial CV and covering letter through to interviews and sample lessons, we can guide you through every stage of the process with detailed feedback and advice. Based on our knowledge of the sector, our own teaching/independent school experience, and a clear understanding of the school you're applying to, their ethos and expectations, we can give you the inside knowledge to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

If you're seeking to hire superb new staff, the benefits of our service include:
  • ► Saving time and resources

    Running your own recruitment process during a busy term can often be challenging, demanding considerable resources and time you'd prefer to be spending on lessons, planning or other activities for the school.

    We can significantly reduce your workload, managing advertising campaigns, handling all applications and communications promptly and professionally, and conducting initial screenings to identify the most suitable candidates for you to interview.

    We visit every new school we work with, taking the time to ensure we have a real understanding of the culture, values, and specific requirements for the role, but thereafter you can leave everything to us (we'll update you regularly of course) until it's time to interview your chosen candidates.

  • ► Reaching more candidates

    Working with us can help you reach more potential candidates without the time and expense of running your own recruitment campaigns.

    As standard, we advertise all roles at no extra cost with The Guardian, on our website and elsewhere, and we're also proactive in seeking out new candidates via targeted pay-per-click campaigns, social media and other channels.

    As specialists in the sector we've also built up an extensive database of high quality candidates over the past few years, including teachers at all levels and for a wide variety of subjects, all over the UK.

    So while direct advertising may be expensive and can fail to reach the candidates you need, the combined reach of our many channels and candidate attraction methods can deliver far stronger results.

    Best of all, if we're unable to fill the vacancy with someone you're delighted to appoint, there's no charge whatsoever for our services.

  • ► High quality processes

    While the independent sector allows for a wonderful diversity of schools, teaching styles and environments, one thing shared by school leaders, teachers, parents and pupils alike is the expectation of quality and high standards at all times.

    We fully recognise the need for excellence in order to engage with candidates as your representatives, which is built into every aspect of our professional, thorough and transparent processes, based on clear and appropriate communication with all parties, and reflecting the values and ethos of your school.

  • ► Full vetting and referencing

    Without exception, we will only put forward candidates to you who we have met and interviewed in person, or as a minimum, via Skype or Facetime for those based further afield.

    At the same time, we take care of all the initial screening and compliance processes such as verifying eligibility to work, and sourcing reference details which we will then follow up on your behalf at the appropriate time, should the candidate proceed to that stage.