Jess Green

Consultant - Senior Schools

Jess joined Harris Hill as an independent schools’ consultant in 2018, helping to identify and appoint excellent teachers to brilliant schools (both preparatory and senior).

Prior to this, she worked at the Times Educational Supplement (TES) where she had the opportunity to work closely with school leaders and HR directors. This enabled her to fully comprehend what schools look for in their teaching staff, and in turn can replicate these vetting processes and deliver excellent teachers to schools and simultaneously find great roles for exceptional teachers. 

At the TES she helped schools to utilise their job board subscription to the maximum and her enriched industry knowledge and insight allowed for added value for their SaaS. Working closely with the analytics team, she offered strategic, cost effective recruitment advertising tips and for schools to achieve a full and satisfactory complement of staff. 

Prior to this she was employed as the marketing manager at a central London independent school where she developed a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies and nuances of school running. With this in mind, she understands to the utmost importance of compliancy, great teaching and the impact individuals they have on their students and colleagues alike. This role in particular allowed her access to student and teacher recruitment, inspections and the expectations of in-school and extra-curricular activity.



'I cannot recommend Harris Hill highly enough. The staff were always very friendly and helpful. Most importantly, they were understanding of my particular needs, and did everything they could to find me the job which was most suitable for me. They also provided excellent interview preparation and support throughout the application process. I couldn't have been happier with them!'


Candidate Review, teacher of Economics